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The dead stay dead, but in your case that isn't true. You have experienced death and discovered that your life is as infinite as the heavens, but nothing good comes without a price. On your first death the soul of a long dead warrior attempted to possess your body, but due to your "uniqueness" it failed and is now fused with your being. It speaks to you and it desires only one thing: Battle.

"Become the Legend I was and help me feel alive again."

You respond by opening your door and taking the first steps towards a new life.

Varik's Hideout

Varik Grunts

Of course, you have to start somewhere. You can't just go gallivanting into the Forest of Narsus and expect to come back not in a body bag. Instead, you start simple: A group of bandits under the name of Variks Avarice have been terrorizing your town of Old Hemlock for a few months now. So, you go stir up some trouble with the Varik Grunts and hope someone notices. Their hideout is very easy to find because they just don't care about hiding it or they are kind of stupid. You started trouble with them by breaking a bottle over one of their heads.

Forest of Narsus

Oz Jotnar

Twisted Marrow

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